Tony Abbott,  Remarks at the Quadrant Dinner at the Windsor Hotel, Melbourne, Monday the 13th of November,  2023

As well as talks by Tony Abbott and Gary Johns, the Quadrant dinner also featured the re-launch of a book by Tapri member, William Lines. Called Romancing the Primitive: the Myth of the Ecological Aborigine. The book investigates how aspects of indigenous culture have for centuries been idealised by  those preoccupied by ‘civilisation’s discontents’.
William’s book had been launched soon after the referendum proposing an indigenous ‘Voice to Parliament’ was solidly defeated by Australian voters. it was also honoured at the Quadrant dinner where William spoke to attendees about the work.
The former Liberal prime minister, Tony Abbott, gave an off-the-cuff address. He started his talk by discussing the main players in the successful ‘No’ campaign against the Voice.
He then went on to discuss the desire of ‘No’ voters for security, both cultural and economic.
The latter would involve a new approach to industry policy and the former a clear and inclusive approach to our history.
Mr Abbott’s remarks were recorded and transcribed by John Masanauskas, and are reproduced here with Mr Abbott’s permission.