People and Place

People and Place was published by the Centre for Population and Urban Research at Monash University for 18 years from 1993 to 2010. It is a peer-reviewed journal with four issues a year. All of the articles are preserved in the Monash Library’s Arrow repository. View the People and Place collection in the Monash ARROW Repository. (Note this link is now obsolete. We are contacting the library to discover the new link.)

This present site lists authors and titles from 2002 to 2010 (volumes 10, no. 4 to 18, no. 4) and, in most cases, also holds the pdfs. it also includes one article from volume 10, no. 2.

Volume 9, no. 1 (2001)
Bill Hayden, Indigenous Australian Welfare Policy

Volume 10, no. 2 (2002)
Ross Guest and Ian M. McDonald, Prospective demographic change and Australia’s living standards in 2050

Volume 10, no. 4 (2002)
Edith Gray, What do we know about men’s fertility levels in Australia?
Nicolas Peters and John Taylor, Aboriginal intermarriage and economic status in western New South Wales
Gary Bouma, Globalisation and recent changes in the demography of Australian religious groups: 1947 to 2001
Katharine Betts, Immigration and public opinion: understanding the shift
Bob Birrell, Birthplace: the new political divide
Lyle Allan, ALP modernisation, ethnic branch stacking, factionalism and the law
Bob Birrell and Virginia Rapson, How gay is Australia?

Volume 11, no. 1 (2003)
Barney Foran and Franzi Poldy, Between a rock and a hard place: Australia’s population options to 2050 and beyond
Ted Trainer, A critical commentary on the Future Directions report, CSIRO, May 2002
Bill Lines, Portrait with background: today’s conservation activists
Sandra Kipp and Michael Clyne, Trends in the shift away from community activists
Alison Taylor and Bob Birrell, Communities on the metropolitan periphery: the Sunshine Coast and Cranbourne compared
David Barton, Lesleyanne Hawthorne, Bruce Singh and John Little, Victoria’s dependence on overseas trained doctors in Psychiatry

Volume 11, no. 2 (2003)
Peter McDonald, Reforming family support policy in Australia
Natalie Sloan and William J. Lines, Party of principle? The Greens and population policy
Adrienne Millbank, Dark victory or circuit breaker? Australia and the international refugee system post Tampa
Anne Evans, The outcome of teenage pregnancy: temporal and spatial trends
Leonardo Carroll, Mobility of the Vietnam-born in Sydney: a re-assessment after the 2001 census
Ernest Healy and Bob Birrell, Metropolis divided: The political dynamic of spatial inequality and migrant settlement in Sydney

Volume 11, no. 3 (2003)
John O’Leary, The resurgence of marvelous Melbourne revisited: trends in population distribution in Victoria, 1996 to 2001
Vincent Callaghan, Government financial support for students: the case for radical reform
Peter McDonald, Siew-Ean Khoo and Rebecca Kippen, Alternative net migration estimates for Australia: exploding the myth of a rapid increase in numbers
Katharine Betts, Birthplace origins of Australia’s immigrants
Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy, Migration and the housing affordability crisis
Nick Economou and Margaret Reynolds, Who voted Green? A review of the Green vote in the 2002 Victorian State election
Katharine Betts, Review of Don Rowland, Demographic methods and Concepts

Volume 11, no. 4 (2003)
Barney Foran, Future Dilemmas: A reply to critics
Bob Birrell, Redistributing migrants: the Labor agenda
Siew-Ean Khoo, Carmen Voigt-Graf, Graeme Hugo and Peter McDonald, Temporary skilled migration to Australia, the 457 visa sub-class
Kevin O’Connor and Virginia Rapson, Employment in city and suburban Melbourne: the changing relationship
Richard Bedford, Elsie Ho and Graeme Hugo, Trans-Tasman migration in context: recent flows of New Zealanders revisited
Peter McDonald and Jeromey Temple, International migration and the growth of households in Sydney
Adrienne Millbank, Book review: Tampering with Asylum by Frank Brennan

Volume 12, no., 1 (2004)
Tom Wilson, Martin Bell, Glen Heyen and Alison Taylor, Population projections for Queensland and its Statistical Divisions
Heather Booth, Beyond three score years and ten: prospects for longevity n Australia
Rebecca Kippen, Declines in first and second birth rates and their effect on future levels of fertility
James Franklin and Sarah Chee Tueno, Low fertility among women graduates
Jerry Silvey and Bob Birrell, Financial outcomes for parents after separation
Maryann Wulff, Ernest Healy and Margaret Reynolds, Why do’t small households live in small dwellings? — disentangling a planning dilemma
Jill Curnow, International migration and the growth of households in Sydney: a comment
Peter McDonald and Jeromey Temple, International migration and the growth of households in Sydney: a response to Curnow

Volume 12, no. 2 (2004)
Heather Booth, On the importance of being uncertain: forecasting population futures for Australia
Jeromey Temple, Explaining the private health insurance coverage of older Australians
Michael Clyne and Felicity Grey, Community language media and Australia’s changing language demography
Siew-Ean Khoo, Intermarriage in Australia: patterns by ancestry, gender and generation
Abul Rizvi, Designing and delivering visas
Bob Birrell, Managing international population movement: is the nation state obsolete?
Katharine Betts, People and parliamentarians: the great divide
Bob Birrell and Lesleyanne Hawthorne, Medicare plus and overseas-trained medical doctors

Volume 12, no. 3 (2004)
Jeromey Temple, Will the government’s proposed insurance reform increase the health insurance coverage of older Australians?
JaneMaree Maher and Maryanne Dever, What matters to women: beyond reproductive stereotypes
Rebecca Kippen and Peter McDonald, Can increased migration be a a substitute for low fertility?
Ross Barker, The northern population drift accelerates Queensland, Australia’s growth state
Bob Birrell, The regulation of medical practice in Australia, Canada, United States and Britain
Ian R. Dobson, Youth allowance: more please!
Katharine Betts, Collective action, welfare and the theory of ethnic nepotism: A review of Frank Salter (ed.) Welfare, ethnicity and altruism

Volume 12, no. 4 (2004)
Leslie Cannold, Declining marriage rates and gender inequity in social institutions: towards an adequately complex explanation for childlessness
Shaun Wilson, Gay. lesbian, bisexual and transgender identification and attitudes to same-sex relationships in Australia and the United States
Katharine Betts, Attitudes to abortion in Australia: 1972 to 2003
Adrienne Millbank, World’s worst or world’s best practice: European reactions to Australia’s refugee policy
David Osborne, Analysing traveller movement patterns: stated intentions and subsequent behaviour
Kevin McCracken, Just how many people live in central Sydney
Sue Ievaci, Screening of doctors trained overseas: a response

Volume 13, no. 1 (2005)
Frank D. Bean, Susan K. Brown and Jennifer Lee, Immigration and racial/ethnic relations in the United States
Tom Wilson, New United Nations world population projections
Jeromey Temple, The seniors concession allowance and utility allowance: equity implications
Angelique Parr and Alison Culpin, Sydney at the millennium
Peter West, Boys’ education: why governments delayed
Ian Dobson and Eric Skuja, Secondary schooling, tertiary entry ranks and university performance
Bob Birrell, Daniel Edwards, Ian Dobson and T. Fred Smith, The myth of too many university students

Volume 13, no. 2 (2005)
Michael Gilding, Rampant misattributed paternity: the creation of an urban myth
Rebecca Kippen, Edith Gray and Ann Evans, The impact on Australian fertility of wanting one of each
Bill Lines, Australian ambitions: population and sustainability
Katharine Betts, Cosmopolitans and patriots: Australia’s cultural divide and attitudes to immigration
Zuleyka Zevallos, ‘It’s like we’re their culture’: second-generation migrant women discuss Australian culture
Bob Birrell, Ernest Healy and Lyle Allan, Labor’s shrinking constituency
Tony Recsi, Pipe dreams: the shortcomings of ideologically based planning

Volume 13, no. 3 (2005)
Peter McDonald, Had the Australian fertility rate stopped falling?
Peter Saunders and Sun Lujun, Economic prosperity and subjective well-being: comparing the aged in Australia and urban China
James Jupp, Race, ethnicity, immigration and the British general elections
Katharine Betts, Migrants’ attitudes to immigration in Australia: 1990 to 2004
Mark Lopez, Reflections on the state of Australian multiculturalism and the emerging multicultural debate in Australia 2005
Peter Newman, Pipe dreams and ideologues: values and planning
Bob Birrell and Andrew Schartz, The aftermath of Dr Death: has anything changed?

Volume 13, no. 4 (2005)
Gary D. Bouma and Ian R. Dobson, Patterns of religious residential concentration in Victoria: changes 1996-2001
Robert Ackland and Edith Gray, What can potential migrants find out about Australia from the WWW?
Tom Wilson, Mary Beneforti and Tony Barnes, Population statistics and the number of House of Representative seats for the Northern Territory
Bob Birrell, John Sheridan and Virginia Rapson, Why no action on engineering training?
Tony Recsi, Rhetoric or reality: the future of our cities
Wendell Cox, Destroying opportunity with smart growth
Ian R. Dobson and Bob Birrell, Are Asians over-represented in training in the health professions?
Bob Kinnaird, The impact of the skilled migration program on domestic opportunity in Information Technology

Volume 14, no. 1 (2006)
Bob Birrell, The Productivity Commission on the economics of immigration
Michael Baas, Students of migration: Indian overseas students and the question of permanent residency
Katharine Betts and Ernest Healy, Lebanese Muslims in Australia and social disadvantage
Andrew Marcus and Jessie Taylor, No work, no income, no medicare —the Bridging Visa E regime
Jeromey Temple, Patient election in Australian hospitals: How do Private and Medicare admissions differ?
James Doughney and J.E. King, Crisis? What crisis? Myth and reality in the debate on an ageing Australia
Ryan Barclay and Peter West, Racism or patriotism? An eyewitness account of the Cronulla demonstration of 11 December 2005

Volume 14, no. 2 (2006)
Peter McDonald, The 2006-07 budget and family policy
Michael Gilding and Lyn Turney, Public opinion on DNA paternity testing: the influence of the media
John Salt and Jane Millar, International migration in interesting times: the case of the UK
Katharine Betts, The ageing of the population and attitudes to immigration
Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, Bridging visas and Bridging visa Es
Adrienne Millbank, No compromise, no quarter, no controls — no international asylum system
Bob Kinnaird, Current issues in the skilled entry subclass 457 visa
Katharine Betts, Review of Shaun Wilson et al. (Eds) Australian Social Attitudes: The First Report

Volume 14, no. 3 (2006)
Rebecca Kippen, The rise of the older mother
Genevieve Heard, Pronatalism under Howard
Graeme Hugo, Siew-Ean Khoo and Peter McDonald, Attracting skilled migrants to regional areas: what does it take?
Bob Birrell and Andrew Schwartz, Accreditation of overseas trained doctors, the continuing crisis
James Giesecke, The economic impact of a general increase in skilled migration
Bruce Telfer, A Comment on Bob Kinnaird’s analysis of the 457 visa issue from the perspective of a local SAP specialist

Volume 14, no. 4 (2006)
Natalie Jackson, When is a baby boom not a baby boom?
William Mitchell and Anthea Bill, The two-speed Australian economy—the decline of Sydney’s labour market
• Graeme Hugo, Defining Australia’s national population in the era of globalisation (First piece in a trilogy on citizenship)
• Carlo Carli, Italian citizenship and the transcending of territory
• Marco Fedi, Transnational citizenship: multiplicity of rights, responsibilities and opportunities
Katharine Betts and Michael Gilding, The growth lobby and Australia’s immigration policy
Bob Birrell, Implications of low English standards among overseas students at Australian universities
Tom Wilson and John R. Condon, Indigenous population change in the Northern Territory 1966 to 2031

Volume 15, no. 1 (2007)
Bob Stimson, Prem Chhetri and Tung-Kai (Paul) Shyy, Typology of local patterns of voter support for political parties at the 2004 federal elections
Tracey Bretag, The emperor’s new clothes: yes, there is a link between English language competence and academic standards
Kim Watty, Quality in accounting education and low English standards among overseas sstudents: is there a link?
Bob Birrell, Ernest Healy and Bob Kinnaird, Cooks galore and hairdressers aplenty
Katharine Betts and Bob Birrell, Making Australian citizenship mean more
Nahid Kabir, What does it mean to be un-Australian? Views of Australian Muslims in 2006
Paula Geldens, Out migration: young Victorians and the family farm

Volume 15, no. 2 (2007)
Daniel Edwards, The vocational fate of government secondary schools
Natalie Jackson, Population ageing in a nutshell: a phenomenon in four dimensions
Donna Read, Judith Crockett and Geoff Watson, What’s behind recent fertility trends—government policy, alarms on biological clocks or lessons learned from childhood?
Katharine Betts, Who cares about defence? Attitudes of Australian voters and of candidates in federal elections
Michael Baas, The language of migration: the education industry versus the migration industry
Harry Clark, Comments on James Giesecke: the economic impact of a general increase in skilled migration
James Giesecke, Reply to Harry Clarke on the economic effects of skilled migration
Bob Birrell, Daniel Edwards and Ian Dobson, The widening gap between demand for and supply of university graduates in Australia

Volume 15, no. 3 (2007)
Genevieve Heard, Boom or gloom? Cohort fertility data from the 2006 Census
Tom Wilson and Tony Barnes, Continuing challenges in attempting to measure the size of, and changes in, Australia’s indigenous population
Bob Birrell and Daniel Edwards, The low income migrant tide
Beverley Jackling, The lure of permanent residence and the aspirations and expectations of international students studying accounting in Australia
Janette Young, Janet McIntyre and Murray Drummond, Overlapping identies in pre-WWII South Australia: Lessons for 21st Century Australia
Graeme Hugo, New questions from the 2006 population census: some initial findings
Bob Birrell and Andrew Schwarts, Assessment of overseas-trained doctors—the latest chapter

Volume 15, no 4 (2007)
Edith Gray, Rebecca Kippen and Ann Evans, a boy for you and a girl for me: do men want sons and women want daughters?
Joanna Forster-Jones, Family diversification in Australia: the increasing share of blended and step families
Simone Battiston and Bruno Mascitelli, Migration, ethnic concentration and trade growth: is there a connection? The Italian—Australian case study
Philip Mendes, Danby versus Held: the story of the two Jewish candidates in Melbourne Ports—take two
Andrew Markus and Arunachalam Dharmalingham, Attitudinal divergence in a Melbourne region of high immigrant concentration: a case study
Ernest Healy, Ethnic diversity and social cohesion in Melbourne
Ted Trainer, What if Stern is wrong?
Katharine Betts, Review of Australian Social Attitudes 2: citizenship, work and aspirations

Volume 16, no. 1 (2008)
Murray Couch, Hunter Mulcare, Marian Pitts, Anthony Smith. Anne Mitchell, The religious affiliations of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex Australians: a report from the Private Lives survey
Tony Burch, Teaching and learning accounting with overseas students
Elin Charles-Edwards, Martin Bell and Dominic Brown, Where people move and wen: temporary population mobility in Australia
Genevieve Heard, Partnerships at the 2006 census: preliminary findings
Bob Birrell, Ernest Healy and T. Fred Smith,Labor’s education and training strategy: building on false assumptions?
Rick Brown, The dynamics of Australia’s immigration policy
Tim Murray, Which is the most idiotic green party in the world?
Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy, How are skilled migrants doing?

Volume 16, no. 2 (2008)
Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy, Labor’s greenhouse aspirations
Ross Barker, Queensland remains a population magnet
Susan Douglas, The registration and accreditation of international medical graduates in Australia—a broken system or a work in progress?
Frank Salter, Evolutionary analyses of ethnic solidarity: an overview
Kate Crowley, The place of nature? Electoral politics and the Tasmanian Greens
Ieva Stupans, Deepa Rao, Geoffrey J. March and Elizabeth Elliot, English language communication skills—what are the issues for international pharmacy students?
Katharine Betts, The 2007 election: blue-collar workers, migrants and the environment
John Sutton, Asia-Pacific labour mobility ant the two track labour market

Volume 16, no. 3 (2008)
Michael Clyne, John Kajek and Sandra Kipp, A tale of two multilingual cities in a multicultural continent
Judy Nagy, Fit for intended use: a manufacturing metaphor applied to international business students and learning outcomes
Katharine Betts, Dissatisfaction with immigration grows
Chris F. Wright, An assessment of the House of Lords report on the economic impact of immigration into the United Kingdom
Philip Toner and Richard Woolley, Temporary migration and skills formation in the trades: a provisional assessment
Adrienne Millbank, Guest workers in Australia: win–win, token gesture or moral hazard?

Volume 16, no. 4 (2008)
Edith Gray and Ann Evans, The limitations of understanding multi-partnered fertility in Australia
Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy, Migrant accountants: high numbers and poor outcomes
Thu Phan, Jim Peterson and Shobhit Chandra, Urban infill: extent and implications in the City of Monash
Scott Baum, Making space for social inclusion
Katharine Betts, Population ageing in Australia: policy implications of recent projections
Tom Wilson, New state and regional population projections for New South Wales

Volume 17, no. 1 (2009)
Genevieve Heard, Bob Birrell and Siew-Ean Khoo, Intermarriage by indigenous and non-indigenous Australians
Siew-Ean Khoo, Bob Birrell and Genevieve Heard, Intermarriage by birthplace and ancestry in Australia
Andrew Taylor and Dean Carson, Indigenous mobility and the Northern Territory emergency response
Robert Stimson and Tung-Kai (Paul) Shyy, A socio-spatial analysis of voting for political parties at the 2007 federal election
Michael Clyne, Louisa Willoughby and Julie Bradshaw, Linguistic diversity in Melbourne’s south-east
Bob Birrell, Ernest Healy and Bob Kinnaird, The cooking-immigration nexus
Book Review
Katharine Betts, Overloading Australia by Mark O’Connor and Bill Lines

Volume 17, no. 2 (2009)
Ernest Healy, Population ageing and the employment surge among older Australians
Janet Dobson and John Salt, Point the way? Managing UK immigration in difficult times
Maria Jockel, 457 visas, skill shortages and worker portection
Genevieve Heard, Sie-Ean Khoo and Bob Birrell, Intermarriage by religion in Australia
Nicholas Biddle, Same suburb, different worlds: comparing indigenous and non-indigenous outcomes in city suburbs and large regional towns
Bob Birrell, Immigration policy change and the international student industry
Bob Car, Bob Carr launches Mark O’Connor and Bill Lines’ Overloading Australia
Book Review
Mark O’Connor, The Final Energy Crisis edited by Sheila Newman

Volume 17, no. 3 (2009)
David Leal, Stalemate: United States immigration reform efforts 2005 to 2007
Ernest Healy, High net migration during a period of no net hob growth: implications for young job-seekers
Katharine Betts, Attitudes to abortion: Australia and Queensland in the 21st Century
Kate Golebiowska and Dean Carson, What is the role of net overseas migration in population growth and interstate migration patterns in the Northern Territory
David McClosky, Bob Birrell and Rose Yip, Making public transport work in Melbourne

Volume 17, no. 4 (2009)
Carol Whitfield, Everada G. Cunningham and Michael Gilding, Public perceptions of GM agriculture in Australia
Adrienne Millbank, Kind or cruel? Labor’s boat people policies
Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy, Population growth and Australia’s greenhouse gas commitments
Kim Johnstone, Indigenous birthrates—how reliable are they?
Tom Wilson, The new Intergenerational Report’s population projection and the uncertainty of Australia’s demographic future
Hamish Coates, Ian R. Dobson, Leo Geodegebeere and Lynn Meek, Australia’s casual approach to its academic teaching workforce
Kelvin Thomson, Population reform—meeting the challenges

Volume 18, no. 1 (2010)
John Pillimore and Paul Koshy, Meeting the Rudd Government’s equity targets for universities
Supriya Singh and Anuja Cabraal, Indian student migrants in Australia: issues of community sustainability
Ian Dobson, Uneven development: the disjointed growth of university staffing since Dawkins
Mathew Walker, Population growth in Australia: how environmental groups are responding
Katharine Betts, Population growth: what do Australian voters want?
Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy, The February 2010 reforms and the international student industry

Volume 18, no. 2 (2010)
Elizabeth A. Walker, Janice Redmond and Robyn Morris, Is financial reward overriding good pedagogical practice
Genevieve Heard, Interpreting Australia’s fertility increase
Nicholas Blake, Nursing migration: issues of equity and balance
Katharine Betts, A bigger Australia: opinions for and against
Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy, The mineral boom and immigration policy: Skills Australia debunks the myth
Michael Campbell, Perspectives on working conditions of temporary migrant workers in Australia
Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy, Net overseas migration: why is it so high?
Nick Minchin, Population policy

Volume 18, no. 3 (2010)
William F. McDonald, US immigration reform: from G.W. Bush to B.H. Obama
Leonardo Carroll, Population and water: where does it matter
Samantha Crompvoets, In search of an alternative discourse on International Medical Graduate Issues
Katharine Betts, Attitudes to immigration and population growth in Australia 1954 to 2010: an overview
Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy, Melbourne: a parasite city?

Volume 18, no. 4 (2010)
Katharine Betts and Bob Birrell, Editorial
Philip Mendes, The Jewish community and the 2010 federal election: Melbourne Ports and beyond
Bob Birrell, Virginia Rapson and T. Fred Smith, The 40 per cent degree qualified target: how feasible?
Ross Barker and Alison Taylor, Population dynamics in Queensland: a review
Adrienne Millbank, The elephant on the boat: the problem with the refugee convention
Barney Foran, A bigger Australia teeters on the edge: comparing the 2010 ‘Physical Implications’ and the 2002 ‘Future Dilemmas’ studies of population growth options
Colin Kean and Bob Birrell, Greenfield markets and land affordability
Book Review
Katharine Betts, The Happy Economist: Happiness for the hard headed by Ross Gittins