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New research report, 1 June 2016
Mike Moynihan and Bob Birrell, Why the public cost of GP services is rising so fast
The AMA and the Royal Australian General Practitioners Society have threatened to incite their patients to vote against the Coalition because it has capped Medicare rebates and frozen their indexation. This a hollow threat because the number of GPs billing on Medicare has risen to the point that any doctor that tries to charge a co-payment will lose patients to doctors nearb, who do not charge a co-payment. This study shows that the official GP workforce policy is still guided by a myth that there is a shortage of GPs. This shortage has long gone. The oversupply, especially in metropolitan areas will get worse as more of the Overseas Trained Doctors that have completed their service requirements in undersupplied areas move into oversupplied areas. Many more of the sharply increasing number of Australian-trained GPs will do so as well. They can serve where they please regardless of whether the area is already oversupplied. The answer is for the Government to stop issuing Medicare provider numbers in oversupplied areas. Doctors, like school teachers ,should serve where they are needed, not where they would like to practice.

New blog post, 13 July
Katharine Betts, Disability and Age: From 1998 to 2015

New blog post, 13 June
Katharine Betts, Population growth: Polls and politics